How To Make The Switch From Traditional Cigarette Smoking to Vaping e-Cigarettes

by Christina Jones on February 10, 2011

The story of how I switched from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes is on our About Vapegeek page – essentially, I was in a world of e-cigarette confusion (check out this comment thread on a post I made when I first started looking into all of this – major confusing!  And DO NOT BUY THE E-CIG I TALK ABOUT ON THAT POST) until I made a new friend who was a vaper, and she helped me order my first e-cigarette kit – the eGo, by Joyetech (aka Joye eGo).  The great thing about it is that when I came home later that day, I started my mad internet research to learn all I could, and if I did it all over again, I would still choose the very same product that my friend led me to.  This is why we are going to start out carrying the eGo kit – it is reliable, easy to learn and an extremely good vape.

So – what if you want to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes too? What do you need?  What do you buy? This was the most confusing part of it for me, and the part that having a friend holding my hand made all the difference.  So I want to hold your hand.  Here we go.

1.  You need a starter kit. I highly recommend the eGo kit.  This kit comes with 2 full e-cigarettes (2 batteries, 2 atomizers, 2 cones), 5 cartridges and a battery charger.  Having 2 full units assures you that you can always have one charged and ready to go, which is absolutely necessary if you are going to be successful in making a total switch from traditional smoking.  This will be an investment of $70-80.

2.  You need e-liquid (aka e-juice, juice, nicotine juice, nicotine liquid).  This is a liquid that is put into the cartridges and is turned into a water vapor via the atomizer.  You will need liquid with nicotine in it to fully replace tobacco.  The question is – how much nicotine do you need in that liquid and what kind of liquid do you want?

I recommend you order about 30 ml of e-liquid with your first order.  This will give you enough e-liquid to get through the first week or two, and give you time to figure all of this out.  A great recommendation is to choose 3 10 ml bottles of different flavors so you can try them out and see what you might like.  You also might play around with the nicotine strengths here just to make sure you have a strong enough liquid.  Get two of the one you think you need, and one of the next higher strength – just in case.

3.  You need cartridges. All suppliers will sell packs of empty cartridges, ready to fill with your different flavors of e-liquid.  These cartridges are disposable, but they will last quite a long time if you take care of them.  More on taking care of them later.  For now, order 2 packs of 5 cartridges, so you have a total of 15 cartridges (most starter kits come with 5 prefilled cartridges).

“How much is all this gonna cost me,” is probably your next question.  These prices are approximate (but what I paid for my first setup):

1.  Starter kit:  $70

2.  30 mg e-liquid:  $18

3.   Cartridges:  $10

Your initial output to get you everything you are going to need for the first couple weeks of your new vaping adventure is going to run you about the cost of 2 cartons of traditional cigarettes – about $100.  I have seen very basic kits locally here in College Station for sale for much more than $100 for a much lower quality product, and no e-liquid or extra cartridges.  Stick with me, I will lead you the right direction here.  It is good to have friends in this!

Note:  You will need some extra things before too long – these are optional for now, but you will need them within the first couple of months.  Batteries and atomizers are limited life products.  Batteries will last you a couple of months (somewhere around 300 charges) and atomizers for 2 weeks to a month.  It wouldn’t hurt to pick up a couple of each at the start.  I always keep 4 batteries in rotation so I am never without a battery, and if one dies on me, it isn’t a “buy a pack of smokes”-worthy moment.  This could potentially add around $50 to your order – if you can afford it, do it.  It will greatly increase your chances of making the switch – painlessly.  Which I am SO into.

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