Vaping Your E-Cigarette on Airplanes Will Not Be Allowed, According to US Department of Transportation

by Christina Jones on February 11, 2011


The US Department of Transportation is spreading the news this morning that their interpretation of the 1987 law banning smoking on all airplanes is going to officially include e-cigarettes.

I am going to assume that, like traditional cigarettes, you will still be able to carry your vaping supplies on board, but if you were hoping to vape on during a flight, or have already done so, you won’t be allowed to anymore officially come the spring.

For me, personally, I try not to vape where smoking isn’t allowed.  I am not really a “law tester” type, and I really think that testing laws is going to get e-cigarettes banned from a whole lot more places in a shorter time.  I really can’t wait to see what happens when we get some good research done on what is going into our bodies and what is coming out of them as well when we vape.  I think it is going to be good news for everyone – second hand vapers as well.

Image: istockphoto