Why Choose a Manual Over an Automatic e-Cigarette?

by Christina Jones on May 12, 2011

manual-buttonOne of my customers recently asked this question: “Why would you want an e-cigarette with a manual button instead of an automatic one?”

Good question, and honestly, at the time, I didn’t have a good answer for him other than the manual was my favorite.  I am better prepared now, so here is the information I have gathered.  First of all, in case you were wondering, the difference between a manual and an automatic e-cigarette is all in the battery.  On a manual, you push the button as you are taking a drag.  In an automatic e-cigarette, you simply take a drag.  Automatic sounds better, but it is often not, and here is why:

  1. A manual battery provides more control and therefore a better hit on your e-cigarette.
  2. Automatic batteries have a shorter useful life span.
  3. Especially if you use a drip tip, the potential is there to get too much liquid into the atomizer which will then fall into the automatic battery, therefore ruining the battery (I am guessing this was my short battery life problem).
  4. Most automatic batteries have an automatic shutoff after about 5-6 seconds, limiting your drag.
  5. You can’t burn off excess liquid without inhaling with an automatic e-cigarette (be careful doing this with a manual, as you run the risk of toasting your atomizer).

I have used an automatic (DSE901), and while I really loved the ease of using it at first, the battery did die off MUCH quicker than my eGo batteries ever have, and that is exactly why I haven’t replaced it.  Pushing the button as I took a drag off of my manual became second nature, very quickly.

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