How To Vape Using the eGo!

by Christina Jones on September 14, 2011

We had one customer who had purchased from us in the past, and lived out of town.  She came into town one day a few weeks ago and gave me a call, and came by to visit and shop.  Funny thing is, when she saw me refilling my eGo, she was blown away – she had been doing it wrong the entire time!  So, while this may seem like super basic information, hopefully it will be helpful to someone out there.

Your eGo (and many other e-cigarette brands) has three main parts:  the Cartridge – where you put your nicotine liquid, the Atomizer –The piece that turns the liquid into a vapor, and the Battery – the power station.


Of course there are other parts, but these are the minimum parts to make your e-cig work, and what we are talking about today.  Smile

We are primarily focusing on the cartridge today, as this is what you will fill with your nicotine liquid.  Shown above is a standard setup, much like you get in a new kit.  It is a 510/eGo cartridge, which is usable with either the 510 or the eGo e-cigarette (and a multitude of others with the same threads as the eGo/510).   These cartridges are most often black, but you might find them in white and maybe some other colors (although we don’t carry anything but black and white).  Inside this cartridge is what I refer to (very technically) as “fuzz.”  You might call it filter material, but what it is is filler fiber that keeps the nicotine liquid held in suspension inside the cartridge so it won’t run right out into your atomizer (or into your purse or on the floor).  This isn’t a great shot, but hopefully you can see inside the cartridge!



To load and ready your e-cigarette for vaping, you are going to put 7-10 drops of nicotine liquid into this cartridge.  NOT into the metal atomizer!  Into the (probably black) plastic cartridge.  You are then going to slip the open end of the cartridge into your atomizer.



You then will take this Cartridge/Atomizer combo and screw the whole thing onto the battery by the threaded end of the atomizer.   You are then ready to vape!  Easy!

Here is a quick little demo video to show you how to fill your cartridges.

Hope all this info is helpful to you.  If you have any questions, you can contact me through the helpdesk on Vapegeek, by email ( or give me a ring at 979-574-1938.  Always happy to help!

Special note about cartridges:  I hear all of the time how one filled cartridge is equal to a pack of cigarettes.  Let me now let you know that THIS IS A FALSEHOOD.  By my experience, one filled cartridge will last you about 2-3 cigarettes, then you will want to refill.  Cartridges always vape best when they are full.   Refilling your cartridge is the first step in discovering the cause of low vapor production.  There are options that hold more liquid and that last a longer time than these standard cartridges, but NONE OF THEM will last you what could even come close to be considered a full pack of cigarettes.  Do not be fooled!!

Vape on!