E Cigarettes..the TRUTH!

by Marshall Jones on April 24, 2012

E cigarettes are still a relatively new product  – certainly when you compare it to how long traditional cigarettes have been around. While  Smoking tobacco has been around since 2000 BC, e cigarettes on the other hand were first manufactured in China in 2003 and not imported into the United States until 2006.   The popularity of the E Cigarette has risen greatly in the last couple of years and with good reason as the are a great product!  Well, let me qualify that..SOME of them are great products.


As with all products that are popular – there are companies and individuals that will attempt to capitalize on their popularity by producing and selling cheap imitation “knock offs”.   We have all  seen the fake Rolex watches , the Louis Vitton purses and Oakley sunglasses being sold and worn.


E Cigarettes are no different than these  in fact since many of the  fakes of  name brand merchandise are produced in China – it doesn’t take a genius to know that if the genuine product is manufactured in China that there are going to be fakes and knock offs produced in China as well.


The question is how can I tell what is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) product from a fake?  The truth is that it is extremely difficult to determine if an e cigarette is OEM or a cheap knock off – especially from a website.   Many of our customers have turned to VAPEGEEK because they have been fooled and “burned” (pun intended) by these vendors.  Unlike many of the products that are knocked off – it is the performance of the e cigarette, NOT just the look that is critical to the user.   Some can fake the look but not how the e cigarette performs and lasts (including the components) and that is what really counts!


If you aren’t sophisticated enough to determine if the product is original or a fake (and let’s face it – who can be when it comes to so many products being knocked off and especially since many fakes look  almost exactly as the real thing), then the best way is to pick a REPUTABLE seller who ONLY sells OEM products and will stand behind their products – such as VAPEGEEK does!


The other side of the coin when it comes to unscrupulous retailers are the ones that make untrue claims about the performance of the product. In fact, one of the primary drivers of our decision to sell e cigarettes was all the misinformation about them on the internet.  My wife uses our products and we have some of our loyal customers test out new products so we KNOW how they do and should perform.  if they don’t perform as they should we will make it right with our customer.

There are way too many untrue claims out there such as ” a  5ml  bottle of e juice will last as long as a carton of cigarettes” or that “one filled cartridge is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes” they are simply NOT true.  We will give you an honest answer to these and all your questions at Vapegeek.  We want you to buy from us again and to recommend us to your friends and family.


When my wife and I made the decision to sell E cigarettes we decided we would only sell quality products and would test the products ourselves to understand and know exactly how they perform.  If you call with a question, you will speak to my wife – Christina – the owner and a user of the products.  How many businesses/retailers do you know that you can speak to the owner BEFORE you even purchase or who will take the time to educate you on their product before and AFTER the sale?

So DON’T believe all you hear and read about E cigarettes – HOWEVER you don’t have to worry as you know of a place to get your questions answered truthfully and where to purchase a quality product you will enjoy without the fear of being “burned”!