Why Non Smokers Love E Cigarettes!

by Marshall Jones on April 19, 2012

I have never been a smoker – my wife will testify to that…she used to laugh even when I used to try to light one for her. ( I don’t do that now because she doesn’t smoke anymore!)

I wanted to share why us NON SMOKERS love e cigarettes!   If you are a smoker you have probably have heard a list of complaints from your family members, friends and probably even from the general public about cigarettes and smoking. Smoking has come under attack from society over the past few years. Rather than focus on the negative side of what smoking does, I want to express all the positives E Cigarettes do – especially for us Non Smokers!

First thing I fell in love with when my wife started using her E Cigarette, was recovering all the lost time with her that smoking had taken. No longer did she have to leave our house to smoke..she vapes in our brand new house. Since there is no bad smelling smoke there is no need to go outside. IN FACT she usually uses Cinnageek (our Cinnamon flavored vapejuice) which has a great cinnamon aroma.   My lovely wife doesn’t have to run off anywhere to VAPE!

Being able to Vape in places where you can’t smoke means NO LONGER am I left sitting in the restaurant alone waiting on the check while she is outside having her after meal smoke. She can simply vape right there with me. This was always a big irritant with me but understood how strong that urge is for a smoker to have a cigarette after eating.


Another great thing about the Vapor vs Smoke issue is that when we are on long road trips, there is no longer the need to pull over to allow my wife to smoke.  She just vapes away while we drive. (She didn’t smoke in the car due to low resale value and to be considerate of the rest of us non smokers.)  This is a HUGE plus for us as my wife is a very nervous passenger in vehicles and for her to have to deal with her “phobia” as well as NOT having nicotine would make her miserable and conversely everyone else miserable (If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t NO ONE happy!).  We make much better time on trips and we  only have to coordinate stops for fuel and pee breaks.


As a Non Smoker..it’s hard to justify the amount of money spent on cigarettes in a household-so cost savings are another huge plus for us.  As everyone knows smoking is an expensive habit and one that is getting more expensive all the time.  E cigarettes can conservatively save a “pack a day” smoker 50% over the cost of traditional cigarettes even more for heavier smokers.

This is money we can put to better use.  Besides the costs of cigarettes, lighters and matches, there are plenty of “hidden” costs associated with smoking that can be reduced or eliminated  –such as lower insurance premiums (e cigarettes are not considered as “smoking” for many health care providers)  – higher resale value of vehicles over smokers vehicles, less money spent on burned clothes, less money on dental expenses.  I could list many more and I’m sure you can think of many I haven’t thought of yet.


Another big issue that Vaping has over Smoking is my wife no longer has SMOKER’S BREATH.  I love kissing my wife and while I loved kissing her even when she smoked, it is SO MUCH BETTER now that she has fresh breath.  I had gotten used to it after years of being around her smoking that I was really amazed at how even my sense of smell and taste had adapted to smoke.   Now her breath is completely free of that smoke, ashtray smell and taste..in fact it is like she is using breath fresheners!

Those are just a few of the reasons I love E Cigarettes.  If you are a smoker – please think about no only yourself but all those NON SMOKERS who care about you!

AND if you are a NON SMOKER- now would be a great time to recommend an E cigarette to the smokers in your life.   You would be doing them and YOURSELF a great service.

If you have any questions about E cigarettes check out our videos or call us and let us answer them…you will be glad you did!




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