Woman Strips in Denver Airport over Smoking

by Marshall Jones on April 23, 2012

You can’t make up stuff like this!

ABC News reported a woman was caught smoking in a Non Smoking area in Denver International Airport earlier this week and apparently “had a breakdown” and stripped off all of her clothes.

I can’t help but think that If she had an E cigarette she could have Vaped and not been so stressed out!


(Image credit: Anonymous)

From the picture above it looks like she is simply getting the “Special Security Check” that I have had to endure many times when I traveled every week!

VAPING instead of Smoking….you never know how much it can help you!


Here is the entire article from ABC news:


Well I was just about to post this when I came across this article a man that stripped down naked when the TSA agent’s wand went off at Phoenix airport.


Guess he was tired of all the hassles of flying all the time.  I can certainly can sympathize with him as I used to fly over 100,000 miles a year doing consulting work.  The lines can be horrific.  Sensors going off for a quarter in your pocket, little old ladies in wheelchairs being searched, it is ridiculous.  When is our government going to learn to stop searching for weapons and search for terrorists!

We even search the pilots…it should seem pretty obvious that if a pilot wanted to kill everyone on board he wouldn’t need a weapon..he controls the entire plane..but our government still insists a search of the pilot is making us safe.

The madness continues!

Anyway..two naked travelers just days apart in the news…couldn’t resist sharing.





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