FAQ: My T3/EVOD/ProTank Coils Are Only Lasting a Day Or Two–What Am I Doing Wrong?

by Christina Jones on July 10, 2013

Your coils for your T3/EVOD/ProTank should last you somewhere around 10 days.  If they aren’t lasting past a few days, you need to investigate why.  This is part of the learning curve that I am always speaking of.  I am using T3 coils in this example, but the Kanger Bottom Coil Cartomizers are constructed alike with the stems that are detachable and the itsy bitsy wicks sticking out the sides.


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In this case, it sounds like your juice isn’t wicking very well, which means that enough of your juice isn’t quite making it to the coil of the T3 making it produce not much vape and lots of burny badness, which is a common trouble with T3’s.  A few things you can do to remedy this:

1.  (This one is the most important)  Remove your coil from your T3/MT3.  Pull off the top piece of silicone (the largest one).  Under that, you will find the junction between the post and the actual atomizer.  You can remove that post if you like, but its not necessary.  If youre a taker-aparter type, get a firm hold on the post and the bottom part of the coil and wiggle the post back and forth until it pops out of place. It will pop right back into place, promise.  Now your wicks are fully exposed (although again, they don’t have to be).   You will notice that there are a couple of pieces of wicking just laying across the top (and sticking out on the sides just a hair or two.  Remove a strand or two from one of the pieces.  Not the whole piece or you risk leaking and flooding out your atomizer.  Just a strand or two.  This will free up the area so your juice flows in there better.  If your post is out, you might as well see whats under there.  Remove the pieces of wick that are laying across there and you will see your coil,  You can lift that out a bit if you like and see where it is likely pretty darned dry and the wicking is burnt.  Now, lay those wicks back on top, minus a couple strands of course, and put your post back on.  If you didn’t remove your post, just grab one or two strands of the wick with a tweezer and slide them out – they should slide out pretty easily, although you will feel a bit of resistance because they are packed in there (too) tightly.  Now put your post back on and see if that isn’t working better for you,

2.  You can also try a little coaxing of your liquid into the atomizer by taking a few good pulls off your T3 without putting any power to it.  Then put it back on your battery and check it out. 

3.  Loosen up your juice (thin it out a bit) using a bit of vodka/PGA or a few drops of water.  This will lighten it up a bit without diluting either the flavor or the nicotine strength significantly.  Just use a drop or two at a time – a little goes a long way!

If you need them, you can find replacement:

You should be good to go now and enjoying what is one of my very favorite vapes ever.

Vape on!

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