URGENT MESSAGE – Kanger issues RECALL of EVOD Batteries

by Marshall Jones on July 20, 2013

Kanger has issued a recall for ALL EVOD Batteries that were manufactured before June 24, 2013 Link to Kanger Original Recall Notice

In addition, the recall also includes the following batteries that were manufactured after June 24th :

All EVOD 650mAh batteries in matte black, yellow & blue – regardless of when manufactured.
ALL EVOD 1000mAh batteries in yellow or  green regardless of when manufactured.
All EVOD starter kits with yellow batteries regardless of when manufactured.

IF you have an EVOD battery that is include in this recall – STOP using the battery immediately.

Below is a picture of EVOD batteries taken from our nline store for reference – for a bigger picture click here

New from Kanger: EVOD Batteries in 650 and 1000mAh Capacities

The manufacturer received  feedback from customers and the factorythat  some EVOD batteries died after charge in a short time.
Kanger figured out that there might be problem with 2 or 3 batches of battery cells they got from a battery factory. There  is a possibility these batteries could explode during a charge – although the possibility of that happening is very very small according to the manufacturer.

Kanger states that they initiated the recall to avoid the possibility of an accident.

Again, if you have an EVOD battery that falls into this recall, stop using it immediately.

Kanger has corrected the issue with the bad cells and have instituted stricter quality controls in regards to the battery cells.  The EVOD batteries being produced now have higher quality battery cells and have had the problem corrected.

Kanger will replace the batteries that are being recalled with one of the new EVOD batteries free of charge.

As a retailer for Kanger products we will assist  our customers in this recall and will facilitate getting replacement batteries for those involved.

If you purchased the recalled battery from VAPEGEEK  online (through our website) we will be contacting you via the email address registered with us.

For Customers that did NOT purchase the batteries though our website  (i,e. purchased at our store) there is a chance we may not have your contact information THEREFOR you need to email us at Recalls@vapegeek.com and include the following information:   Your name,date of purchase (or time frame as close as you can remember) and a  description of the battery – i.e. 1000mah, blue

YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEND THE BATTERIES BACK TO THE MANUFACTURER OR TO VAPEGEEK -please just dispose of them properly as you would any other battery.

There is a distinct possibility there will be a delay in receiving the replacement batteries due to manufacturing capacity.

At VAPEGEEK we are committed to our customers – and vaping.  If you do not have an alternative means of vaping without these batteries please let us know and we will do all we can to get you back vaping as soon as possible.

Check back here for additional information or updates as they occur.