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October 1st, 2015 is the day that amendment to the Texas Health & Safety Code goes into effect, pretty significantly changing many of our vape purchasing habits. I suppose we will all get used to it, but we hope we all can be patient as we get used to a new way of doing things - a way that might take a little longer, be a little more of a pain in our butts, but remember, its all in the name of keeping addictive substances out of the hands of our children, and that's a good thing. So let me start off the party with a little something you'll be seeing a lot, I bet. Disclosure: e-Cigarette sales to individuals younger than 18 years of age (prescribed by Texas Health & Safety Code, Section 161.082) are illegal under state law. e-Cigarette sales are restricted to individuals who provide verifiable proof of age in accordance with Section 161.453. We'll see you at the checkout with some more fun stuff!

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